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In response to the to the COVID-19 outbreak and the recommendations of government officials we are having only virtual services until further notice.  Please visit our Facebook page to access weekly sermons.

St Peters Missionary Baptist Church gathers to worship as a faith community. The purpose of our services is to give visible form to that faith and fellowship to which God has called his people. We acknowledge ourselves to be a manifestation of the universal church through which Jesus Christ continues to minister to the world by his Holy Spirit. We shall seek to fulfill his calling through our worship services; through a program of Christian nature by which our members may build upon their faith and love; through proclaiming of the Gospel by words and deeds; in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Service schedule

Church Pews

Sunday School

Please join us every Sunday at 10:30am, to hear our Sunday school lesson presented by our Sunday school Superintendent.

Devotional Service

Our devotional service starts promptly after our Sunday school lesson at 10:45. This service is intended for you to prepare your mind and soul to receive a word from our Lord and Savior.

Pastor Woods will deliver a word form our Lord and Savior upon completion of our devotional service beginning at 11:00.


Just as Jesus broke bread with His Disciples, we honor this tradition and break bread with one another during the first and third Sunday of every month. 

During the Week

Our worship does not end with an at "Amen" at the end of the service! We continue to support each other through our Noon day Praise and Worship service Monday through Friday. Join us for song, words of praise, and devotional readings. 

Bible Study

Please join us every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, as we gather to explore God’s word and instruction.  Be prepared with your Bible, questions, and lively discussion.  Classes are led by Pastor Norris Woods Sr

You can join us for all services and programs by dialing in on our conference call at (267) 807-9605, access number 529424. Our Sunday Services are also streamed live on Facebook starting at 11 am.